School Bus Driver CDL/ELDT Platform


Providing speed and flexibility to CDL trainees from Learner's Permit through the CDL Skills Test

Commercial Learner's Permit

Independent Study Course

Prepare for the BMV written tests

Timeline: 3 hours

CLP Page

Entry Level Drivers Training

Independent Study Course

FMCSA approved / ST uploads scores

Timeline: 3 hours



Skills Test

Combo Study Course

Pretrip, Brake Test, Backing, RR & Stops

BTW Instructor and Trainee Set Pace

CDL Page

What do trainees say about the platform?


  • New Customer Web Portal

    • Track Driver Progress in real-time 

  • Full access from any internet connected device. (No files to download or share).
  • Director or designee receives admin access to load your own trainees.
  • Unlimited number of trainees.
  • No extra charge.



Power and Flexibility of the platform


Our platform allows access from any internet connected device. This gives your trainees the freedom to work from home or at the bus garage, without being tied to a trainer's schedule. This enables you to maintain schedule flexibility for busy professionals.

Commercial Learner's Permit Course (CLP)

Get your new hires off to a great start by giving them our CLP course for the written tests at the BMV. We use videos and PowerPoints based on the actual test questions.

Trainee self-study course.


Entry Level Driver Training (ELDT)

FMCSA approved course. Three hours of videos covering all topics required by the ELDT guidelines. Our course is designed specifically for school bus drivers, by focusing on the information new drivers need to be successful.

Trainee self-study course.


CDL Skills Test (CDL)

We utilize videos and PowerPoints to teach the details of pre-trip, air breaks, cones course, and student stops to cut training time in half.

CDL Page

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